Who Am I?

My name is John Pape and I play guitar.  One day I started putting together a repertoire of Christmas songs.  Using the chord melody style I recorded them.  The results of this project is the basis for this website.  You can enjoy these songs and hopefully use them in your Christmas celebrations.

What I Do

  • Musician – I play guitar
  • Songwriter – I’ve written several songs both Christian Worship and Commercial.
  • Author – I wrote the book “Building a House of Worship” a ebook designed to help worship leader build a better more effective music ministry.
  • Graphic Design – I create web layouts, logos and illustrations Visit my portfolio

Where you can find me

The Goal of This Website

  • The purpose of this web site  is to provide you with Christmas songs.
  • It is my desire that the information provided will edify, encourage, educate and entertain you with the goal of helping you to live more enriched lives.

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